EcoClear fast acting weed and grass killer is a postemergent, foliar active, vegetation management product formulated to contain organic acids that are components of vinegar and lemon juice. It is non-selective to green foliage and non-residual in soil.

EcoClear fast acting weed and grass killer is recommended for the control of herbaceous broadleaf and grassy weeds on land areas, such as: sidewalks, driveways and patios; railroad rights-of-way, power stations, and industrial sites; around farm buildings, storage areas, tank farms, greenhouses, plant nurseries and golf courses; and in fencerows and vacant lots. Foliar contact results in rapid burndown of weeds.

EcoClear Weed and Grass Killer will kill seedling weeds rapidly. Older mature weeds may require second application within 5 days. Desirable plants such as grass that have been sprayed may recover slowly. Spraying at the center of the dandelions will limit grass damage. To be most effective plants must be sprayed to run-off so that the spray contacts root area. Under spraying will result in poor kill with rapid re-growth.

EcoClear Weed and Grass Killer is non-selective. Only weeds that are growing will be killed. It has no residual activity. Its active ingredients are rapidly neutralized by contact with the soil. It will not change pH since the ingredients are used as a food source by soil microorganisms.

EcoClear™ Weed and Grass Killer can be sprayed anytime even under cool conditions as long as weeds are not wet.

    EcoClear comes in the following sizes:

  • 10 Litre Jug
  • 200 Litre Drum

Product application rate: dilute 1 L ECOCLEAR in 5 to 2.25 L of water, depending on the density and size of the weeds present.

Important: To achieve best results the entire weed surface must be covered with EcoClear, the product will only work on contacted areas. Remember Coverage is Critical!

Before using: read label directions.

EcoClear Case Study - Humber Arboretum

March 8th, 2006

"The use of EcoClear essentially saved our operations. Otherwise our grounds would have reverted to a weed patch."- Sid Baller,� Humber Arboretum Superintendent

Introduction: Humber Arboretum is a unique community resource established in 1977 and managed by City of Toronto, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, and Toronto and Region Conservation. The Arboretum features a variety of gardens and natural areas spread out on 100 (250 acres) hectares of land. Over 1,700 types of trees and flowering plants as well as a diverse selection of wildlife call this conservation area home. The Humber Arboretum is a leader in environmental education and is visited by more than 20,000 visitors annually, of which 8000 are children.

The interview was conducted with Mr. Sid Baller, the Humber Arboretum Superintendent.

Why does Humber Arboretum use EcoClear?

Prior to using EcoClear, the Humber Arboretum used Glyphosate. One of the biggest problems with Glyphosate was that its use was contingent on the wind factor. In fact, for Glyphosate, winds are catastrophic. Because the Arboretum is located in a rather flat area that is not protected from the wind, wind is an issue. Hence, Mr. Baller found that he was fairly restricted in the times that he could use Glyphosate. For instance, he would usually apply it in the mornings but because of the dew on the ground, Glyphosate was less effective. Mr. Baller estimates that it took him the entire season – from spring to late summer – to cover the entire Arboretum grounds, which consist of 60 flower and shrub beds, extensive pathways and tree rings.

Then came the City of Toronto pesticide ban and the Humber Arboretum could no longer use Glyphosate.

    The main weaknesses associated with Glyphosate were:

  • Weather - the product could not be applied when it was windy
  • Not healthy for workers and students on campus
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Higher risk factor for the applicator
  • Time factor - you have to wait anywhere from one week to three weeks for the effects to become apparent. Hence, if the treatment did not work, you would not know about it for a long time.

After the pesticide ban, the Arboretum had no other options. The Arboretum did try two other methods - the Steamer and propane burners - but they were not satisfactory as they were far too slow.

Before Mr. Baller used EcoClear for the first time, he was a bit apprehensive about its effectiveness. EcoClear, however, was a complete success. It is, in Sid's words, "as effective a product as he has ever used."

    Advantages of EcoClear:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • User/People friendly
  • Spraying under such a flexibility of conditions
  • Fast - the effects can be seen in a few hours
  • Not hard on the applicator

    Mr. Baller found that:

  • EcoClear was easy to use and is people- and environmentally friendly
  • Because the effects of the product were visible within hours, he knew right away which areas had to be retreated and which not.
  • 4ft. high Thistles shriveled after EcoClear treatment
  • 3ft. high Burdocks collapsed after EcoClear treatment
  • Even if he could use Glyphosate, he would not go back to it due to EcoClear's super- flexibility

Mr. Baller believes that EcoClear is one of the 3 or 4 best horticultural products he has used.