EcoClear Vs. Horticultural Vinegar


EcoClear is a patented eco-friendly herbicide that uses a synergistic blend of acetic acid and citric acid, common organic acids found in vinegar and lemon juice. Ecoval spent many years formulating EcoClear to utilize the weed-killing properties of vinegar, while also keeping in mind the safety of people, pets, and the environment.

What is Horticultural Vinegar?

 Recently, Horticultural Vinegar has received a lot of publicity as a weed-killer. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the hype, there has also been a lot of confusion surrounding Horticultural Vinegar.

Horticultural Vinegar is vinegar produced at a very high concentration of acetic acid. Acetic acid has herbicidal properties and vinegar with high concentrations (usually >10% acetic acid) can damage vegetation upon contact. However, Horticultural Vinegar has to be applied using high concentrations of acetic acid, which can be dangerous to handle. At the end of the day, Horticultural Vinegar is simply a marketing term.

But perhaps the most disturbing trend with Horticultural Vinegar is the proliferation of unregulated and unregistered products in Canada. The government agency that regulates herbicides (the PMRA) is very clear that any product that is used to kill weeds needs to be registered under the Pest Control Products Act. It is illegal to sell or use an unregistered Horticultural Vinegar product to kill weeds.

Tip: If a product label doesn't have a PCP number...  stay away!


How is EcoClear Superior to Horticultural Vinegar?

EcoClear is Safer:

The patented EcoClear formula works at very low concentrations of acetic acid, only slightly higher than common table vinegar.

EcoClear is more effective:

In scientific studies, EcoClear was found to be up to THREE TIMES more effective than acetic acid alone. 

EcoClear is Less Expensive:

EcoClear is diluted with water 3:1. EcoClear is more effective, you can use less of it. When dilution and application rates are taken into account, EcoClear is more economical than horticultural vinegar.

EcoClear is Legal:

EcoClear is registered (legal) with the PMRA. Horticultural Vinegar is not registered for weed control use. It is illegal under the Pest Control Products Act of Canada to use horticultural vinegar as a herbicide. If caught using an unregistered product the penalties can be severe. In the event of an accident, using an unregistered product would expose the user to potential legal action (negligence). Insurance companies will not cover liabilities incurred while using an illegal unregistered  product.


When you need an eco-friendly alternative to weed-control, EcoClear is the safe, legal choice.