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B.C. pesticide regulations to reflect public input

Mar 28, 2013

Taking into account more than 8,000 comments from a public consultation as well as recommendations from the bi-partisan Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides, the proposed amendments to the Integrated Pest Management Act in British Columbia will address public concern over the use of cosmetic pesticides on private landscaped lands.

Winnipeg Free Press: "Spray Ban May Be Coming"

May 25, 2011

Review: EcoSense PathClear

Jun 15, 2010

Ontario: Sites Accepting Obsolete Pesticides in October

Oct 2, 2009

A well-established obsolete pesticide collection program is being offered to members of the lawn care industry. As part of this project, obsolete pesticides can be brought to a series of 16 collection sites across the province for safe and environmentally responsible disposal October 20 - 22, 2009. The service is free of charge.

Pesticide collection programs have been run in Canada by CropLife Canada since 1998 under the CleanFARMSTM banner. More than 270,000 kilograms of obsolete product have been collected in Ontario during previous collection campaigns in 2001 and 2005.

This program is co-ordinated by AGCare with financial support from CropLife Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Other project partners include Ontario Farm Animal Council, Canadian Animal Health Institute, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and Ontario Agri Business Association. For more information, visit or


The program will run October 20 - 22 at the following locations during their respective business hours:

  • Ailsa Craig: Hensall District Co-operative, 116 Main Street
  • Arnprior: M&R Feeds and Farm Supply Ltd., 70 Decosta Street
  • Bethany: Thompsons Limited, 9 Elevator Road
  • Brodhagen: Hoegy's Farm Supply Ltd., 6777 Perth Line 44
  • Courtland: Cargill AgHorizons, 159 Talbot Street
  • Dundalk: Huron Bay Co-operative, 35 Dundalk Street
  • Harriston: North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc., 56 Margaret Street South
  • Jordan Station: Vineland Growers Co-operative Ltd., 4150 Jordan Road
  • Kitchener: GROWMARK Inc. - Distribution Centre, 1 Chandaria Place, Unit 7
  • Lancaster: Munro's Agromart Ltd., 6011 Hwy #34
  • Napanee: O'Neill's Farm Supply, 1 Dairy Avenue
  • Thornloe: Co-op Regionale - Temiskaming Ag Centre, 964027 Development Road, New Liskeard
  • Orangeville: Holmes Agro Ltd., 473088 County Road 11
  • Thunder Bay: Thunder Bay Co-op Farm Supply, 560 Boundary Drive
  • Tilbury: Cargill AgHorizons, 23404 Wheatley Road
  • Vienna: Max Underhill's Farm Supply Ltd., 56532 Calton Line

There will be designated volunteers available at each site during the collection period to receive product and answer questions. In advance of the collection days, please contact AGCare or OMAFRA for more information. Site staff will be keeping track of the types and volumes of products brought in but will not be collecting personal information from anyone dropping off product.

City of Brantford, Ontario Using EcoClear

Jul 16, 2009

The City of Brantford, Ontario is now using EcoClear to control vegetation in shrub beds, sidewalks, paved boulevards and traffic islands.

EcoClear is an eco-friendly herbicide, comprised of a patented blend of organic acids. Used across Canada, EcoClear is fast, effective and safe- for people, pets, and the environment.  


Hamilton Conservation Authority Using EcoClear at Confederation Park/ Wild Waterworks

Jun 4, 2009

The Hamilton Conservation Authority is using EcoClear at Confederation Park/ Wild Waterworks for weed control. Owned by the City of Hamilton and managed by Hamilton Conservation Authority, Confederation Park is an 83-hectare recreation area located on the shores of Lake Ontario. 

EcoClear is an eco-friendly herbicide, comprised of a patented blend of organic acids. Used across Canada, EcoClear is fast, effective and safe- for people, pets, and the environment.  

Ecoval website updated: Horticultural Vinegar information page

May 26, 2009

The Ecoval Website has been updated with information on Horticultural Vinegar. The page includes a comparison of EcoClear with Horticultural Vinegar, and many of the misconceptions about Horticultural Vinegar in the marketplace.

The information can be found here:

City of Sarnia, Ontario Now Using EcoClear, the Acetic Acid (Vinegar) based Herbicide

May 15, 2009

The City of Sarnia, Ontario is now using EcoClear as a safe, eco-friendly method for controlling weeds. Sarnia joins a long list of municipalities that are already using EcoClear as part of a sustainable horticulture program. EcoClear is a fast acting non-selective herbicide. The secret to EcoClear's performance is in its synergistic blend of Acetic and Citric acids (ingredients in vinegar and lemon juice). Sarnia is using EcoClear in place of the product known as glyphosate.

For more information about EcoClear, contact Ecoval Horticultural Products at (866) 298-2229, or at

EcoClear now registered for use INSIDE Greenhouses

May 14, 2009

EcoClear is now registered for use INSIDE Greenhouses. EcoClear is a safe and effective eco-friendly non-selective herbicide, containing ingredients found in vinegar and lemon juice. Great for areas such as under planting benches, along walkways, and in beds after harvest. EcoClear is the ONLY herbicide that can be used inside Greenhouses in Canada.

Ontario’s Pesticide Ban: 250+ Pesticides Banned for Cosmetic Uses

Apr 14, 2009

Ontario's cosmetic pesticides ban takes effect April 22, 2009.

The ban prohibits the sale and use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes on lawns, gardens, parks and school yards, and includes many herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Over 250 products will be banned for sale and more than 80 pesticide ingredients will be banned for cosmetic uses.
There are exceptions for public health or safety reasons such as fighting West Nile Virus, killing stinging insects like wasps, or controlling poison ivy and other plants poisonous to the touch. Other exceptions include agriculture and forestry.

The ban takes the place of existing municipal pesticide bylaws, establishing one clear set of easy-to-understand rules, and providing certainty for businesses operating in different areas of the province.